Best. Cupcakes. Ever.

red velvet cupcakes

I always thought of red velvet cupcakes as being terribly American, and never really got the point. They’re red. So what? I had them from Magnolia in New York and felt pretty ‘meh’ about them. But I made these for a workmate’s birthday this week (because I wanted to make cakes with white icing, for purely aesthetic reasons), and they were so good I had to make them again today. I’m pretty sure they’re the best cupcakes I’ve ever made. They made me understand the ‘velvet’ part of red velvet cake. When they’re baked they’re pretty and red, but when the batter is being beaten it looks all bloody and gory. So as well as being tasty, these cakes could also be useful if you were making a cheapo horror film.

As my mum says, it’s all about choosing a good recipe, and the one I used for these is excellent. It’s Joy the Baker’s favourite red velvet cupcakes – I didn’t make any changes, and it made exactly 12, AND exactly the right amount of icing. I love recipes that make what they say they make.

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