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Potato henge

Potato henge

This is what normal people do when they’re making potato and leek soup.

Lemon yoghurt syrup cake

Lemon yoghurt syrup cake

This is a deceptively delicious cake. It sounds like it’s going to be really simple and a bit whatever, but it’s really lovely – lemony and syrupy and moist.

The recipe is from Sweet Food (you know those short fat books, there are heaps, Bowl Food, Fast Food, BBQ Food etc). I was looking forward to making it for the blog, and since I’ve discovered some tricks for getting slightly better food photos with my little camera (I find food frustratingly unphotogenic) I was hoping that I’d get some good shots as well.

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A royal feast

This post is a bit late (blasted uni assignments), but here it is anyway.

The wedding the other week seemed like a good reason to put together a theme dinner. Realistically, I’m a republican, and I’m not the kind of girl who dreams about fairytale weddings and being a princess, but I do have an interest in cultural events, especially ones on this scale. I did perhaps also want to see the dress – I’m only human.

I’m pretty sure this is what it looked like on the Queen’s kitchen bench when she was deciding what to serve guests at her lunchtime reception:

Preparing for the royal feast

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