A royal feast

This post is a bit late (blasted uni assignments), but here it is anyway.

The wedding the other week seemed like a good reason to put together a theme dinner. Realistically, I’m a republican, and I’m not the kind of girl who dreams about fairytale weddings and being a princess, but I do have an interest in cultural events, especially ones on this scale. I did perhaps also want to see the dress – I’m only human.

I’m pretty sure this is what it looked like on the Queen’s kitchen bench when she was deciding what to serve guests at her lunchtime reception:

Preparing for the royal feast

And I’m sure this is how the meals were ‘plated up’ at the reception:

Plated up royal dinner

That’s roast beef with mustard, roast potatoes, pumpkin, red onion and garlic, carrots and parsnips roasted with honey and rosemary, Yorkshire puddings, green beans and red wine gravy. I decided to do roast beef and Yorkshire puddings because it was the fanciest English meal I could think of. I made all that food for my housemate Bec and me. That’s right, two people. Ridiculous? Perhaps. But totally justifiable because it was a special occasion.

For dessert, Bec made Eton mess (cause, you know, Wills went to Eton…).

Eton mess

If you haven’t made Eton mess, you should, it’s really really easy – it’s basically a deconstructed pavlova. Just whip some cream and combine it with crumbled store-bought meringues and berries (we used raspberries), half of which you can puree with some icing sugar. We topped ours with grated white chocolate (again, it was a special occasion). It might not have looked as pretty as the official wedding cake, but it probably tasted better – they had fruitcake.

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